Panna Cotta - sugar free


200g heavy cream

200g milk

3 tablespoons xylitol (you can put sugar too)

1 vanilla bean

6g gelatin


  • Soak gelatin in water with an ice cube
  • In a pot mix together heavy cream, milk, xylitol and vanilla bean and simmer.
  • Take away the vanilla bean and let the mixture to cool down a little
  • Squeeze gelatin and stir in the pot.
  • Pure cream into ramekins, wait until the cream will cool down and refrigerate for 4 hours

*-if your ramekins are nice, you can serve panna cotta like that by adding some berries. Otherwise soak the ramekin in a a hot water for 3 seconds and turn it upside down. You will get something like i have in my picture 🙂